Weekend Warrior Reward counting Saturday and Sunday separately

I noticed that Weekend Warrior, which was at 0% for me on Friday and 25% on Saturday, is now at 50% on Sunday. Based on the description of needing to complete it “on 4 separate weekends”, I would expect it to only be at 25% still since this is the same weekend as yesterday.

This hasn’t happened for me, although I’ve completed the actions that would’ve triggered it, so perhaps not a bug affecting everyone?

+1 for being at 50%.

We’ll fix this. But it will be a bit lower priority since I guess this bug is semi generous lol.

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Yeah, if you could at least wait until after next weekend… :joy:


Following up from last weekend, are you able to make any further progress today to get to 75%? I’m stuck on 50%.

Same for me. I got 50% on the first weekend and was expecting to wrap it up this weekend, assuming it meant weekend days. But now I’m stuck — maybe it fixed itself and “knows” that it’s only been two weekends out of the intended four?

My guess is that it’s counting weekends by the week they fall in. In other words, if you make progress on the reward on a Sunday, the Saturday after is part of that same calendar week and so it doesn’t count. I’m guessing we’ll be able to move to 75% this Sunday, and complete it next Sunday. That would explain making progress twice last weekend and not being able to this Saturday. This is just a guess though.

I think we have a fix for this in the pipe but just being prioritized under some other stuff for testing and review etc. We will probably get to a pass on rewards fixes, either 2.0.3 or 2.1.

I just progressed to 75, so I think you’re right!