Tips for Speed Demon achievement?

The Speed Demon achievement requires “a typing speed of over 50 WPM across your last 20 thoughts entered” - how is this calculated?

I tried using a wireless keyboard to see if that made any progress, but sadly it’s still 0%.

This was one of the last rewards added in beta testing so I would not be surprised if it’s bugged. I recall unlocking it myself during testing but maybe others can chime in. (Would hunt this down and get you a more specific answer but it’s pretty much all hands on deck for data migration issues atm.)

I accidentally achieved Speed Demon by typing a list of 15 or 20 words while playing about to teach myself the ’next’ button:
Four etc

The ‘done’ keyboard button turns into ‘next’ when you start typing a new list entry.

Use the ‘next’ button to move quickly from one list entry to the next without having to manually drag/tap a new row. Your fingers stay on the keyboard and combined with predictive text, you reach an ‘average typing speed’ of 50wpm (I guess, as it unlocked the reward).

Good luck!

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I tried it and worked faster than I expected, thanks! :smiley: