Strikethrough legibility

I’m currently using Clear against what’s meant to be a minimalist & simple way of crossing things off a list by not doing that and instead having a :white_check_mark: section in most lists just so I can move my completed items at the end and still have them not be faded and illegible (and in some cases easier to re-use as recurring items).

The current strikethrough & colour for completed items makes it hard to read it easily. Has there been any thought given to this before and any ideas how this could be solved for those who want to read the done items better? It would be nice not having to use it this way just so I can read them better.

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I’d have to take a closer look but it seems very plausible our strike throughs might not scale to smaller font sizes etc. If so we know what we should do, but will have to be polish in an early update as we triage for release.

Contrast it definitely depends on the theme. We could look into tweaking it a bit, I guess it is kind of intentional that it’s faded vs active items but probably could pop more.

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