More Shop Sounds Please

@phillryu - I would love to see more sound options in the store (haven’t seen many new ones lately). I know that you said it was more expensive on the developer side, however, without surprise loot drops for crossing off items, I really find the sounds motivating to get me to knock out those painful tasks that I’d rather procrastinate on. So far my favorites are the Clear AI & Situational Comedy. Maybe a drill sergeant voice or similar to Nike Just Do IT…You Did IT…any new sound motivators would be great. Thanks

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We do have some new sets in the works by Josh and Sam. These are by far the costliest in time/money collectibles to produce! But as a category I agree would really benefit from some more fleshing out.

Got a little bit of experience from past projects recruiting voice actors from sites like, it would be quite fun to try a set or two that way like the drill sergeant idea.

Here’s a sneak peek at one new sound set that should hit the shop later this month, inspired by the original iPhone’s marimba ringtone and sounds: Dropbox - iMarimba.clearsoundtheme - Simplify your life