Monster madness font

If I missed a reference to this I apologize.

There seems to be an issue with the new font from today Monster Madness. It doesn’t appear to be very monstery or madnessy :face_with_peeking_eye:

It’s rendering as a normal rounded type font so far. Just thought I’d post to see if anyone else has seen the issue.


Will look into this 2.1.3!

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Came to report the same thing.

Initially I though that maybe it only worked in the larger font sizes, as I usually have it set to Tiny, but it appears as it’s reverting to some sort of default plain font at all sizes.

Assuming the display icon of the font is a representation of what the font is supposed to be.

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I thought the same; that perhaps it was specific to a font size but came up with the same results as you. Like you mentioned as well, I do assume the font is supposed to look like the icon for it as all the others seem to be a preview but it’s appearing like a basic rounded version of a San Francisco-ish type font.

Sounds good thanks. Again, not a world ending bug but I wanted to mention it. Looks like a pretty cool/fun font.

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I believe it should be fixed/updated in upcoming 2.1.3 for those of you who collected.

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