Incomplete strikethrough for multiple lines when using Chicago FLF

I’m enjoying the classic Mac vibes of Chicago FLF, but I noticed something odd going on with the strikethrough when completing thoughts that have multiple lines while this font is in use:

  • A regular-size thought gets no strikethrough on the first line, but subsequent lines are struck.
  • A large-size thought (typed with a final colon) behaves like a regular-size thought.
  • A small-size thought (typed with a leading space) gets strikethrough on both lines if it fits on two lines. If it’s longer than that, the first line isn’t struck.

Bit of a tangent, but while testing this, I also discovered that thoughts lose their special sizes once completed—so after completing a small-size thought that fits on two lines, it appears as a normal-size thought in the completed thoughts, expands to three lines, and loses the strikethrough on the first line.