Early bird reward wording

This doesn’t seem to be a bug per se and it’s not a fix priority by any means but wanted to point out that the early bird reward is slightly confusing in its wording.

It states and I’m paraphrasing: create/check off 100 thoughts before 8am.

No matter when I create or check off thoughts before 8am that reward stays at 0% while other more defined but similar rewards seem to work as intended.

Just curious what “before 8am” means for this reward or is it possible that it’s a typo?

Again, no rush on this at all. It’s not affecting usage of the app. Thanks for all the work!!


I’ll check into it, probably report back tomorrow. The rewards are buggier than they should be, had been preparing a followup fix/tuning pass towards the end of beta but that went out the door as other plates stacked for launch. We’ll start catching up on some fixes for these in the 2.0.2 or 2.0.3.

the same for me, except my progress is stuck at 18% since beta :joy:

I earned mine by doing it at about 6, so maybe 5-8?

Gotcha. Thanks for the info. I was starting to think it may involve a short time before 8am which makes sense being called early bird.

Absolutely no rush on this in fact I must’ve done it right because the reward did pop up as completed for me but of course it was early and didn’t remember what time it was lol. Thanks for all the hard work man!