Clear 2 Lite version request

Hello, phillryu and other devs!
As it turned out there are few problems users complaining about which can not be fixed with current version of xcode and/or apple’s rules. But there is a way out!

Can you please make a standalone Lite version of Clear 2, that will be just the same app but without all the inapps? In that case app’s size will be very small and all of those who wanted classic Clear to be back will be happy. The main mistake you, as devs made, was overwriting classic and stable version of good-old Clear that users purchased and loved for its minimalism. There are unspoken rules of developers that you voilated, they state “never take away what your buyers purchased from you”. You could have just make Clear 2 a separate app and leave Clear 1 just the way it is just cancelling its support. And also I don’t remember you told anyone during beta-test that you are not planning to keep old Clear there. You overwrited it. And as forum topics and store reviews show, there are many people who either wants old version to be back in store or want Clear 2 to be smaller and less monstrous than now…

So, in order to make everyone (likers and dislikers) happy all you need to do is clone current version and make it “Lite” — without personal customization — no themes (only heatmap), no icons, no fonts, no other sounds but default one. If you want, you can put there a disclaimer like “lite version will have no support or updates or whatever” so you don’t need to sustain it.

p.s.: but honestly, I would better somehow get and old classic Clear with it syncing and reminders and pure minimalism.

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This is inaccurate I think, the new (FREE) app Clear 2 is a fantastic upgrade, very stable with new & current users continuing to love and support it for its minimalism and definitely not a mistake.

They violated what now? Is there a source for these rules?

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First rule of developers club … you do not talk about developers club


Rules are unspoken. They are not written anyware, its just the way good developer acts. Same as being polite. I hope I don’t need to explain to you what unspoken rules you personally use everyday? like peeing only into urinal, not outside?.. or should it also be written somewhere for you to comply?

A for god’s sake, stop answering not your question.

Clear Developers! Please answer in person!


I would rather remove some of the biggest things in the way of you falling in love with the new Clear vs. splitting out another option and SKU to support etc. We will be taking some stabs at some of these bigger things this summer.


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