App Privacy Report

I want to start using legacy Clear again, but I’m not too happy with the findings of Clear’s App Privacy Report on iOS.

Is transmitting data to Facebook indeed blocked with Allow Apps to Request to Track set to Off?

Huh I’m honestly not even sure why it has Facebook in it, wonder if we put it in a while ago curious about basic demographics of our base.

We were going to update the App Store app with a quick in-app announcement of upcoming Clear this week or next. Let me see if we can just rip out Facebook when we submit that update and sanity check with the team on why it’s even in there. We’re not exactly fans of Facebook here either lol.

I do know we use a basic analytics to keep track of basic stats like daily usage and such, but it’s very generic events and not sucking up any of your list items or anything personally identifiable.


Great. I’ll keep an eye out in the App Store for the update and do a reinstall.

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Installed the update, Facebook tracker instantly shows up!

Reason enough to uninstall again.

What benefits do you get from it besides knowing where your users are based?