Anyone else having problems with the Master reward for taking screenshots of quotes in 10 different quote packs

I can’t get the reward anyway any time soon as I don’t have 10 different quote packs. However I have 7 proper quote packs plus the no quotes one which im guessing doesn’t count.

but ive at least twice gone from top to bottom, chose a quote pack, into an empty list, took a screen shot. back to personalise, next quote pack down, back to list, took a screen shot.

and yet im on 60%. at least it should be 70% if no quotes doesn’t count.

If you need a few more quote packs, keep checking off and clearing away tasks/thoughts. It takes a bit of grinding but I was stuck at 5 quote packs and now have 12. :sweat_smile: Once you get the “Diamond” icon I think that’s all you’re going to get that way (at least for now). :smile:

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Diamond icon? Can you show us? Thank you in advance

:gem: :sunglasses:

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OMG! :scream:

I WANT THAT! :heart_eyes:

What did you do to get it?

I just added a whole lot of one-letter tasks (like, hundreds), then checked them off and cleared them away a bunch at a time. This gave me a whole bunch of fonts, icons and quote packs. Once I got the “Diamond” icon, I stopped getting new rewards. Sorry @phillryu, I probably shouldn’t be encouraging this behavior. :flushed:

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Ahaha :joy::heart_eyes:

Thank you, if you want you can delete that comment! If you do I will delete this too.

Lol it’s ok… honestly the ‘random loot pool’ we had started moving items away from that into other places. I feel the randomness of them net out more confusing / less satisfying than rewards you earned.

At some point we may perhaps do some simple anti-cheat protection pass for rewards etc. but it’s also not an urgent priority.

IMO the most fun way to engage with them is to use Clear regularly/normally and unlock them over time vs. quickly having none left to look forward to, but we also know Clear’s utility doesn’t fade like a game gets boring.


My question was about me asking if the reward is bugged or am I missing something. I’ve screen shorted either 7 or 8 quote packs depending on whether no quotes counts. But I’m showing as 60% when it should be 70% or 80%.