Login by Face ID /password

Thank you for the gorgeous app. I have been using it for more than 6 years

I would like to see that Login by Face id/password or through an account. Also I would like to see creation folders with separate password or hidden folders


This is the kind of thing I might’ve previously considered ‘too niche’ for the minimal Clear. However, with the new Clear and its focus on personalization, I feel like it’s the kind of thing we could eventually layer on as optional actions, to pair with the personalizable gesture shortcuts we will be adding.

So I’m imagining a “Toggle Lock Clear via FaceID” action you could set maybe to one of these gestures. I would say it’s not currently part of our plan but it’s a pretty cool idea we could consider for our updates. Maybe this kind of ‘private mode’ comes with a place you can store your secret lists, that don’t show when you’re in normal mode.

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Thank you for responding to my suggestion.
I hope that in the future all our ideas and suggestions will be implemented, and Clear will be become a favorite for all users
Trust in process :smirk:

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