Completing the Oriented reward

The requirements for the Orientation rewards are

Create your first list. Visit Clear’s Archive, Personalize sections and Rewards to complete your Orientation.

I’ve done all that, but I’m still at 80%? Is there something I’m missing?

Checking into this, I must’ve missed listing one of the conditions which I feel silly for with this being such a key early tutorial reward.

Update: the final condition is visiting the shop once. We will add that to the description in 2.1.

I have visited the shop more than once and completed the other requirements. Will 2.1 unlock the reward?

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Oh shoot, I was expecting it to complete when you visited the shop. Hmmmm. Anyone else unable to complete this one? There might be some bug we weren’t aware of if so.

The 2.1 beta unlocked Oriented. Thank you!

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